Nursing assignment

1-A stakeholder is an individual, group, or organization who may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project. Stakeholders are either directly involved in the project or have interests that may be affected by the project’s outcome. Internal stakeholders, such as the administration within the hospital, are essential to the success of any project. External stakeholders, such as suppliers and the community may depend on the success of the project and be affected by the outcome of the project (Harrison, Freeman, & Abreu, (2015).

For the success of my Capstone, internal stake holders need to be informed on the impacts that childhood obesity has and will continue to have on the healthcare system. By managing to decline childhood obesity, the end result will be a reduction in healthcare costs. The external stakeholders in this situation are the people in the community. By developing healthier habits, they can have a healthier population that has less strain on the local healthcare system which will free up more resources for the local facility.

In order to secure the support of internal and external stakeholders, the message will be the same. Educating the population through public health clinics, child care facilities, schools, and churches can have an enormous impact financially and on the lives of the children that are in the community.


Harrison, J. S., Freeman, R. E., & Abreu, Mônica C, S. (2015). Stakeholder Theory As an Ethical Approach to Effective Management: applying the theory to multiple contexts. Revista Brasileira de Gestão de Negócios, 17(55), 858-869.


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