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Determining the level of evidence is a key component of appraising the evidence. This provides guidance in the type of research that are more likely to provide answers to a specific clinical question. Also, it can help us change clinical practice, or apply the clinical practice to the patient population. Peterson, M.  & et all in an article published reported that there are multiple levels of evidence such as:


1.        Meta-analysis of multiple controlled studies with results that consistently support a specific action, intervention, or treatment (systematic review of a randomized controlled trial).


2.        Evidence from well-designed controlled studies, both randomized and nonrandomized, with results that consistently support a specific action, intervention, or treatment


3.        Evidence from qualitative, integrative reviews, or systematic reviews of qualitative, descriptive, or correlational studies or randomized controlled trials with inconsistent results


4.        Evidence from peer-reviewed professional organizational standards, with clinical studies to support recommendations


5.        Theory-based evidence from expert opinion or multiple case reports


The best resources are enumerated from the strongest level of evidence in number one to the weakest level of evidence in number 5.


For example: Meta-analyses studies or systematic reviews are quantitative rigorous types of reviews. Which provide a quantitative estimate of how well a treatment works, or provide an estimate of how likely a person is to develop a disease and it produces more confidence for us to base our clinical decision. On the other hand, if you ask a cardiologist about a certain thing, his answer can contradict the books or other expert opinions. His opinion is based on his experience, not on other studies and it is the lowest trustworthy level of evidence. Furthermore, in qualitative research we find the essence of an experience and the sample is small so it is very difficult to be generalized.


In a nutshell, when we looking at a research we have to know what type of evidence it can provide and how trustworthy the evidence can be.

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