Review the Nursing Diagnosis learning assignment (week 4).  Select ONE nursing diagnosis that you feel you could provide client education.

2.        Create a teaching plan, using the template provided, for the client you created a nursing plan of care for in weeks 3 and 4.

Note:  This is a TEACHING plan, not a concept map or nursing care plan!  Use the learning resources and examples in your text.

Assignment Total= 32 points

Medical Diagnosis= 1 point

Education Nursing Diagnosis= 5 points

Barriers to Learning= 4 points (2 point each)

Learning Goal= 2 points

Learning Objectives= 10 points (5 points each- 1 point for each element of SMART)

Content= 4 points (2 point each)

Instructional Activity= 2 points (1 point each)

Instructional Activity Rationale= 2 points (1 point each)

Evaluation Technique=2 points (1 point each)

APA Reference List= 1 point

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