MOD3 SLP 205

In this SLP, you will continue with your introduction to Python. Programming skills are only developed by practice, practice and more practice! Your assignment is to create mini-Python projects or programs and to run them in the Python-IDLE environment. You are to do the following: Read chapters 11, 12 and 13 in the online book of “Python 2: For Beginners Only” and run all the examples and exercises (a common mistake that occurs is that when you cut/paste the code directly from the tutorial, there will be extra empty spaces before certain lines, then you will encounter a syntax error message “unexpected indent” when you run the program. Fix the problem by deleting the extra indent.) When you’ve done, insert all of the various program files into a single zip file. Include a one brief summary document in Microsoft Word which explains what you have accomplished. SLP Assignment Expectations Provide all the required program files. Provide a brief summary document discussing what you have accomplished.

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