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View the three videos on SAP, which you can access via MindTap Module 11. The videos are: Conversational ERP – Lesson 1 – What is ERP? — (15 min) What is SAP: The Absolute Beginners Guide – (25 min) What is SAP? Why do we need ERP? Beginner Tutorial – (8 min) Answer the questions in a work format listed below: 1) Who is the Company, SAP? What services do they provide? In answering this question, also, list how many large companies use SAP and where (in the world) SAP is used? List the names of three or more companies which use SAP. 2)Why should you care about SAP, as a business professional? Describe two jobs requiring usage of SAP that might be of interest to you? Why? 3)What is ERP and the Manufacturing Planning Challenge? After viewing all three videos, describe how Information, Materials, and Cash flow in a business? 4)Describe how the videos relate to specific topics in the textbook. Cite at least three examples. 5) How could a possible minor or major in MIS benefit your career? You should answer the five listed questions, in a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 format. Before submitting the MIS assignment help, first, you should upload this work to the Revision Link, to ensure that there is no more than 25% plagiarism. Once you have determined that the answers to the questions are ready to be submitted, upload them (herein) to this assignment link. Please note, you can only submit the work one time. Make sure you use the Revision Link (first) to check your work prior to submitting it for grading.

icon Feminine and Masculine Language Compare and contrast feminine and masculine language use and describe the potential benefits and problems arising from the differences. Make references to your workplace. Length: 3 pages, double spaced. Submission Instructions: The work is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, and misspelling. The work is to be 3 pages in length double-spaced, current APA style, excluding the title, and references page.

MY TOPIC IS ADDICTION! Use PICOT to format a possible research question about that topic. Provide 1 possible PICOT research question. Find 1 quantitative or qualitative peer-reviewed research article related to your nursing topic that was published within the last 5 years. Reminder: All peer-reviewed research articles have methods, discussion, and results sections. Include the following: Title page Provide a brief description of the topic and background information (see page 37 of your textbook). You can use your text, your peer-reviewed journal source, or the EBP care sheets in CINAHL or Nursing Reference Center Database. Explain the significance of the topic to nursing practice (see chart on page 37 of your textbook). Background information can be found in journal articles in the introduction section. Results and conclusions will speak to significance of the topic. The EBP care sheets may have sources for you to choose from. Provide 1 clearly-stated PICOT question. Include 1 peer-reviewed journal source related to your topic. Your work should: Be 2–3 pages (not including the title page and reference page) Use current APA format to style your work and to cite your source. Please include at least 1 peer-reviewed research journal article. P = Patient population I = Intervention or issue of interest C = Comparison of interventions or comparison of interests O = Outcome T = Time frame (this element is not always included)* For example, you may wish to research the effects of interrupted sleep on cognition of ICU patients 65 or older. Using this PICOT model, In __________(P), how does __________ (I) compared to _________ (C) influence _________ (O) over ________ (T)? Ref https://historyassignmenthelp.com/tag/english-assignment-help/

This week, you will find three scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles on your topic. Remember that next week you will submit a work on Scientific and/or Mathematical/Analytical perspectives of inquiry, so use this week’s assignment to prepare materials and collect information for that purpose. Use articles that will help you explain and describe scientific issues and/or statistical data or economic information related to your topic. You will analyze and evaluate these articles in your submission, which should include: A brief introductory paragraph. Three separate paragraphs, one for each of the three articles, each presenting: A brief 3–4 sentence summary of the article (use in-text citations) An explanation as to what makes this source credible (in the WCU Library go to Research Guides > Research Basics > Evaluating Resources) An explanation of why the article will be useful in addressing your problem or issue A brief conclusory paragraph An APA Style reference list on a separate page Your work should be 1–3 pages in length (including the References page). Adhere to APA Style throughout. Review the rubric for further information on how your assignment will be graded.

Week 1- Discussion For this discussion, formulate a post in which you: a. Provide a brief personal/professional introduction including a description of your experience in consulting. b. Discuss what you found during your web search and provide an initial description of consulting. c. Discuss how what you found is similar or different to any experiences or perceptions you have had related to consulting. d. Discuss 3 reasons why you would want to be a consultant e. Include in text citations and a reference page Length: 150- 300 words Your response should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

The purpose of this assignment is to discuss how an individual’s role within a health care organization affects or influences the application of quality improvement and measurement tools. Quality improvement and measurement tools are utilized by a wide range of professionals within a health care organization and may be applied differently depending on the nature of the professional’s work. The role of health care professionals can determine how they view quality initiatives, including the different methods of measurement and types of quality improvement tools. Discuss these variations in the applicability of quality improvement and measurement tools with respect to the professional’s area of focus and role within the health care organization. In a work of 1,000-1,250 words, address the following points: Identify three quality measurement/improvement tools and discuss the purpose or focus of each at Epicessayhelp.com/tag/american-history-assignment-help/. What can these tools be used to understand or assess? Describe how each of these quality improvement tools could be used to measure quality by at least three professionals in a health care organization. Include an example of at least one administrative health professional, one mid-level clinical provider, and a physician. Include at least four scholarly references in addition to the textbook. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need history assignment assistance.

QMB 3200 Summer 2022 Homework 5

Complete your work in this document in black type. Leave the existing document in the blue type it is currently in and do not edit the document except to add your responses below each prompt. Submit to Canvas as a single doc or docx file; submissions consisting of multiple files or files submitted in inaccessible formats will not be graded You will use your student data set (cars) to run all analyses. Printouts must be included; without them your grade will be zero.

Delete one of your vehicle models from your data set. We will no longer be using the variable “Year Produced” so you can delete that if you want. Add the quadratic term and the interaction terms. Recode the levels of Model Vehicle as 0 for one model and 1 for the other. You will then start with the complete 2nd-Order Model and “build down” through the entire model-testing process, until you have obtained the best-fitting model. Use this to respond to the following items.

Complete 2nd-Order Model: E(Y) = β0 +β1×1 + β2×12 +β3×2 +β4x1x2 + β5x12x2

Part 1: Model Building

a. Global F Test: run a test of the complete 2nd order model. Insert the STATISTIX Printout of the results of this test. (1 pt.)

Fill in the following information for your test (5 pts./1 pt. each)

Test: H0: Ha:

Test Statistic: __________ P-value: ______________


b. Quadratics test: run a quadratics test. Insert the STATISTIX Printout of the results of this test . (1 pts.)

Fill in the following information for your test (7pts./1 pt. each):

Full Model:

Reduced Model:

Test: H0: Ha:

Test Statistic: ________________ P-value: _________________


c. Interactions Test: run an interactions test. Insert the STATISTIX Printout of the results of this test (1 pts.).

Fill in the following information for your test (7 pts./1 pt. each):

Full Model:

Reduced Model:

Test: H0: Ha:

Test Statistic: ________________ P-value: ______________


d. Would your model building be finished after the interaction test you just ran? Why or why not? (1 pt.)

Part 2: Final Model Interpretations

a. Identify the least squares prediction equation for your best model after all the testing was completed. Do not include the Printouts of any additional tests conducted, just the results of the best test. Use the values from the Printout and write the prediction equation below (use numbers, no betas). (1 pt.)

ŷ =

Refer to https://epicessayhelp.com/tag/marketing-assignment-help/

b. Interpret the R2 and the 2s associated with your best model. (2 pts.)

c. Using your best model, create a confidence interval for observation #15. Insert the Printout. (1 pt.)

Interpret this confidence interval. (1 pt.)

d. Would you use your model in practice? Why or why not? Provide at least two items of information to support you view. (2 pts.)

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