Create a picture or design using at least four transformed functions or relations. The transformations should include at least one stretch or compression, one translation, and one reflection. On a separate sheet, you will include information about each transformation and a description of your picture. The project will be graded on two criteria: visual appeal and mathematical correctness. Directions and more details are provided below.


§ Picture or design should be on a 8.5×11 sheet of white paper or graph paper § Give the picture a title

§ Scan and submit the picture or design with information about the transformations and design.

§ The design should include at least 4 functions (or relations)

§ The design should include at least 1 stretch or compression, 1 translation and 1 reflection

§ Both the design and information sheet can be computer generated if neatness is a concern

Visual Appeal: 2 pts

§ Be as creative as possible. Creative pictures or designs will earn the most points for visual appeal

§ Project should be neat and clean

§ Design should be appropriately colored or shaded

§ On a separate sheet of paper write a brief description of the design. Describe what you were trying to create, discuss if you were successful, and what could have made it even better