Master of Marketing Module: research methods Subject reviewing the literature In examining different approaches to the evaluation of a literature review within the context of a specific research topic, objectives and research questions, giving opinions and ideas and your own research ideas. To prepare for this Collaboration, in 1000 words: Review the required Learning Resources and your Key Concept Exercise from Week 2 (please find attached file).To complete this Collaboration: Examining similarities and differences in your critical evaluations of the content of the reviewed article Identifying lessons from the reviewed articles and how these could be applied to your own research project and those of colleagues Proposing ways in which additional research might be conducted on the same or similar topics Asking insightful questions from the Learning Resources References: Collis, J. & Hussey, R. (2013) Business Research: A Practical Guide for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.

 4th ed. London: Palgrave-MacMillan. Chapter 5, ‘Searching and reviewing the literature’ (pp.75-95) Top of Form Yeung, M.C., Ramasamy, B., Chen, J. & Paliwoda, S. (2013) ‘Customer satisfaction and consumer expenditure in selected European countries’.International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30(4), pp.406-416. Marketing Chang, Y.T., Yu, H. & Lu, H.P. (2015) ‘Persuasive messages, popularity cohesion, and message diffusion in social media marketing’. Journal of Business Research, 68(4), pp.777-782. Use the University of Liverpool Online Library to find this article. Top of Form Mark as complete Bottom of Form Optional Saunders, M., Lewis, P. & Thornhill, A. (2012) Research Methods for Business Students, 6th ed. Pearson Learning Solutions. Chapter 2, ‘Formulating and clarifying the research topic’ (pp.26-69) Chapter 3, ‘Critically reviewing the literature’ (pp.70-125) Chartered Association of Business School (2015) ‘Academic Journal Guide’ [Online].