Assessment: Deadline: December 7th 2020 15:00

Part 1 – You should prepare a 1200 word report on the topic of the effectiveness of work and organisation at the French game company Ubisoft.

Your task is to research the effectiveness of work and organisation at Ubisoft using good quality academic and journalistic sources. Please see the links in the assessment section of MOODLE where there are articles on work organisation, leadership, culture, teamwork and inequality at Ubisoft.

You should consider a range of views and seek to integrate them into a coherent argument. This may be informed by good quality journalistic sources but, more importantly, you must also show considerable evidence of using good quality ‘peer reviewed’ journal articles.

The key topics which you should include in your report on the effectiveness of work and organisation at Tesla are:

  1.  organisational context
  • The impact of globalisation.
  1. The whole organisation
  • The rational and social organisation,
  • Power and politics
  • Governance, organizational Culture and organisational leadership
  1. Groups and Teams
  • Groups and teams
  1. The Individual Level
  • Motivation and job design

You will not need to draw on all organisational behaviour theories that you read but should select instead those which are most applicable to Ubisoft. It is more important to show knowledge of key debates within the literature on organisational behaviour, to be critical in your writing and to ensure a good level of integration and coherence than to include all theories. Please work on the level of criticality and the coherence and flow of your report. This will require effective discussion and debate.