How would you use a class diagram to create a sequence diagram? There is a message call line named CalculateSalesAmount pointing from a Salesman object to an Order object in a sequence diagram. CalculateSalesAmount has not been added to the class diagram yet. Explain the changes that would need to be made in the class diagram. (Points: 11) Distinguish between the Extend and Include relationships in use case diagrams.

What does INCLUDE: VALIDATE CREDIT CARD mean in a use case description named PROCESS SALE? Show how to use it in the use case description normal flow section. (Points : 11) Define a structural model. Why should a systems analyst create one? What is class cohesion? Give an example of class cohesion. In your example, discuss attributes and operations. List the logical transitions and states for running a washing machine. Consider time in your analysis. Describe the generalization/specialization class relationship and how this relationship relates to the concept of inheritance. Briefly explain how a communication diagram of a system can be made to convey the same behavioral information as the sequence diagram.