A Look at the Marburg Fever Outbreaks

This week we will examine: Marburg Fever in Africa.



The largest and deadliest outbreak of Marburg hemorrhagic fever on record occurred in 2005. The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Angola reported a total of 374 cases, including 329 deaths reported countrywide. The Angolan Government, WHO and other partners,

established a surveillance system for identification of suspected cases and follow up of their contacts. Mobile teams were sent to the field to investigate rumors, obtain clinical specimens for laboratory tests, hospitalize suspected patients and monitor their contacts

B. For the Marburg fever case, you will discuss the major obstacles and difficulties that public health officials and health care workers had in controlling the outbreak of Marburg fever and the solutions they found to these difficulties. Your response must also include the following:

1. What is Marburg hemorrhagic fever?
2. How is Marburg hemorrhagic fever prevented?
3. What needs to be done to address the threat of Marburg hemorrhagic fever?

Must be at least 250 words and supported by at least two references

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