Leadership Vision Questionaire

For this assignment you will review your score on the Leadership Vision Questionnaire and share your ability to create a vision for a group. Then review the key points in the resources to identify specific ways you could improve your abilities to create and carry out visions with others.

I would recommend you paste your responses into Grammarly to help you with editing. I do this regularly, and it is a great help, even if you are a strong writer.

Share your scores from the questionnaire and identify at least two areas where you had the highest points. Describe at least two ways you can use your strengths to help develop your vision statement. (25 points)

1. First area with high score:

2. Second area with high score:

Ways I will use my strengths to help develop my vision statement:




1. Share one area for growth where you think you will need help developing to successfully implement your vision. (10 points)

2. Identify one person you can reach out to for help developing this area and why you selected this person. (5 points)



Describe at least one of the suggestions in the resources that you will use to help you develop and implement your vision. (10 points)

Please remember to save and then upload the completed template for grading.

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