IT Project Management

Answer every question with minimum of 300 words. Please, provide references after each response.

1 – Thinking about what you learned in the Topic Materials, particularly “The FBI’s Virtual Case File” in Chapter 1 of the textbook, discuss how the list of failure modes from the article “Detecting Disaster Projects” led to that failed project. Consider the team project you are working on with your group and discuss how the IT project methodology can be a critical factor to the success of your project.

2 – Review “Waterfall or Agile?” in Chapter 2 of the textbook (p. 56), and discuss the two scenarios listed below. In your discussions, include assessment of existing talent and corporate competencies.

3-Review the case study “Data Mining to Prevent Terrorism” in Chapter 3 of the textbook. Using the case study and topic Resources, discuss whether the deployment of IT governance could save taxpayers money, improve the likelihood of success, and ensure privacy or civil liberties.

4-Review the “Quick Thinking – The Project Sponsor” section of Chapter 4 in the textbook. Discuss how a project manager should handle a project sponsor who is either incompetent or loses interest in the project and withdraws.

5-Review “eXtreme Programming at Sabre” from Chapter 5 (p. 146) in the textbook. Can traditional project management tools such as a work breakdown structure (WBS) be used in XP? Discuss which methods of estimation would be most appropriate when following an XP approach. Support your ideas with specific examples.

6-Submit a rough draft of your work breakdown structure (WBS), scope management plan, project schedule, and budget management plan. Provide suggestions for improvement and/or additional aspects that should be considered in the project scope, cost, and schedule.


7-Review the case study “Probabilities—Not Ones and Zeros” in Chapter 7 of the textbook. Imagine you are the project manager for an ERP project. Provide an example of a situation where use of a Monte Carlo simulation would be appropriate. Then provide an example of a situation where decision tree analysis would be appropriate.

8-Submit a rough draft of your risk management plan to the Main Forum to receive feedback from peers. Read the documents posted by at least two of your peers and provide them with specific feedback on their risk management plan. Provide suggestions for improvement or additional aspects that should be considered in the project scope, cost, and schedule. When providing feedback, try to select peers that have not already received feedback from more than two students.

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