Information Systems Hw

ISE 218: Fundamentals of Information Technology

Stony Brook University

Homework #7

Fall 2017

Assignment Due: November 29, 2017 at the start of lecture

Neatly write or type your answers to the following problems on a separate sheet of paper and submit a hard copy at the start of lecture on the due date. For any problems involving mathematical calculations you must show all work to receive full credit.

Please clearly print or type your full name and Stony Brook ID # on your paper.

Submissions that are not stapled will be docked 5 points.

1. [5 pts] What is the difference between multiprogramming and multiprocessing? Between multiprogramming and multithreading?

2. [5 pts] What are the advantages of using a compiled language over an interpreted one? Under what circum- stances would a person choose to use an interpreted language?

3. [5 pts] Why is the execution environment of a Java class called a virtual machine? How does this virtual machine compare to a real machine running code written in a compiled language, such as C?

4. [5 pts] The performance of a Java program running in the JVM cannot possibly match that of a regular compiled language. Explain why this is so.

5. [5 pts] Describe a situation in a seat reservation system (e.g., an airline reservation system) in which a race condition could arise if transactions are not properly synchronized.

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