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Read the Mini Case Study “Customer Service at Datatronics” on pages 236-239 in the textbook and develop an understanding of the role IT plays with customer service initiatives. Matt Rubenzahl voices his concerns to his boss, Joel McGivern. Joel gives Matt the assignment to find better ways to improve their customer service through product education and meeting customer needs. The ideas need to be presented to a steering committee for extra funding. Your job is to create a PowerPoint presentation addressing the three discussion questions at the end of the mini case study. Your presentation should be professional, as a steering committee looks for information and facts as well as visual aspects, in order to make their decision. You are also welcome and encouraged to research them using outside sources.


Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following elements: Slide 1:


Title page


Slides 2-3:


Outline the specific information that Matt should collect to build a case for improving customer service at Datatronics.


Slides 4-6:


Describe the top ideas for Matt to present to Joel next week.


Slides 7-9:


How would Matt get Joel to support his ideas?




List of sources using APA guidelines

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