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Discussion -1


Week 14 Discussion

Cybersecurity is by far the most intimidating any company must be able to address and also be able to keep up with since it is the one topic that makes an institution as a safe as possible since many institutions are evolving into the adaptation of technology. As a result of this, the threats that are concerning the adaptation of technology and networking tend to lead to the complications in the security levels in an institution from both internal and external fronts (Ten, Liu, & Manimaran, 2008). Regarding the case scenario, the best means of tackling the challenges of having employees attack the systems of an institution from an internal point can be solved through the implementation of the following:

i. Establishing a communication plan

By the setting up o a clear communication plan that has direct channels that can reach out to the top level from the bottom up, no employee will be tempted to tarnish the organization since their complaints will have a direct channel. This will reduce the possible mental or emotional as well as physical challenges that employees undergo and the management levels tend not to be aware off since the communication channels restrict direct contacts (Ten, Manimaran, & Liu, 2010).

i. Close management of accounts and privileges

This is a tool that can be used to ensure that all the employees with any level of clearance that can pose as a risk to the organization can be well monitored as well as carefully looked into. This can be initiated by installing background hidden applications that will follow all the activities on company computers or devices that are connected to the systems of the organization (Ten, Liu, & Manimaran, 2008).

i. Installation of two-factor authentication authorizations

This is a form of approval that will require the inclusion of a second authorization that will improve the level of security in the systems from both internal and external attacks. This is a security protocol that will limit the extent of the capabilities that employees have when they are connected to the networks. This improves the levels of security as well as the ability of the institution to prevent internal sabotages (Ten, Liu, & Manimaran, 2008).




Ten, C. W., Liu, C. C., & Manimaran, G. (2008). Vulnerability assessment of cybersecurity for     SCADA systems. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems23(4), 1836-1846.

Ten, C. W., Manimaran, G., & Liu, C. C. (2010). Cybersecurity for critical infrastructures:            Attack and defense modeling. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics-Part        A: Systems and Humans40(4), 853-865.



Discussion -2



Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) helps to supervise management with help in computers and technology. It is an efficient way of keeping a check on any disasters, risks or issues. It has many applications like in-network and mobile application system, entertainment services and supporting infrastructures (Amoroso, 2012). The control system uses computers and architecture sites to control military efficiencies and security networks. The organization faces cyber-attack and corruption of the working process by SCADA and takes measures to resolve them but many other steps could have been taken to prevent this attack. The activities were very minor and more responsible and organized laws could have done to secure the system.


Counter measures to prevent a cyber attack

The software itself had many flaws like many organizations uses the same network to implement SCADA in the work zone. Connected networks are the highest threat to cyber-attacks and could have been rectified to prevent cyber attacks from occurring. Authentication of the control system must have been implemented to discourage such attacks in the future (Zhou, Guo, Zhou & Wong, 2017). The measures taken by the company for water control was very temporary and does not give permanent security. Many other strong measures could have been implemented like spreading security awareness among employees, implementing robust technologies and amending protocols to secure networks. The perimeter must be hardened and strengthened to stop hackers and malware from entering the site. Just preventing access would not do many miracles, rather putting patent and copyright would prevent further acquisition. Water supply is a critical and basic need of people and could have been handled more carefully by the organization. A team could have been formed with experienced and innovative leaders to amaze the situation efficiently without keeping any flaws. Future reference stores must have been formed. The work could have been organized and laws and policies must have been implemented to punish the cyber attackers. Limitation of services must be implemented.

Cyber attack is a problem the world is facing right now and must be handled responsibly as the organizations run by computer resource and merely by human infrastructure. Protective measures have to be taken to prevent hackers from hacking. Awareness if spread, employees will not open malware and spam emails. Technical and legal could have been taken like implementation and passing of bills against the hacking procedure (Maglaras, Ferrag, Derhab, Mukherjee, Janicke & Rallis, 2019). Counter measures like implementing protection software and software to detect malware could have been installed. The decisions should have been taken in less time to prevent the fire from breaking. Regular checks must be kept in the system and SCADA to prevent any further hacking. The assessment team must be introduced to keep a regular check on suspicious activities. Information technology department must be more careful and responsible for these attacks and must be made aware of for further risk management. The critical components of the technology must be serviced to stop any risk from arising. Restriction of logical access could be an important aspect of handling network related issues. Prevention of malware and viruses can be done by implementing laws and regulations.

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