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In this unit, you will complete three activities associated with the project scheduling phase, which include the work breakdown structure (WBS), Gantt chart, and project critical path method (CPM) network diagram. Use the course project scenario and the information presented in this unit to complete the activities. Templates are provided for all three activities required in this unit.

Produce a WBS for the MSI project. Remember to use the scenario information

as the focal point for the work breakdown elements of the template.

Create a Gantt chart to reflect project scheduling. The template currently has task names, start and finish dates, and durations from the e-mail example. Replace these with information for the MSI project. Fill out the sections of the Gantt chart template by using the scenario information and the WBS as focal points for each entry on the template.

The final task of this unit project is to produce a CPM project network diagram using the WBS and project schedule/Gantt chart to map out the activities and critical path for the project.

You are also encouraged to be creative and innovative in completing your work products and tasks identified in the assignment.

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