Information Security

Part A


You are employed as a cybersecurity analyst at FSB, a financial organization that has invested in establishing a security program but is in the process of developing a risk management strategy. This means that there is a critical need for implementing risk reduction strategies to prevent intrusions or attacks, like monitoring and response strategies, security awareness, training, and systems administration tools. In the second month of working for the organization, a user received a phishing email from a foreign country. After opening and reading the email, the user’s computer was compromised. Using ARP caching, the attacker was able to sniff password hashes and crack them, which escalated to spear-phishing and whaling attacks (domino effect). The attack or intrusions have been there for months, making it an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) related attack. ARP stands for address resolution protocol, used to connect layer 2 of the OSI model, data link layer with layer 3 of the OSI model, network.


For this assignment, you must create a technical paper with an illustrated workflow diagram that examines the root cause of an incident or source of attacks and presents action steps to avoid or control different types of persistent internal and external attacks.

This workflow diagram will be included in your corporate risk management plan. You can use software tools like MS-Visio, Edraw, Lucidchart, LibreOffice, or any drawing tool to create your workflow diagram or infographic.

1. Your illustrated workflow should include the following:

o Steps to assess, respond and mitigate a threat

o Assessment tools and measures

o Checklist to certify perimeter protection

2. Your paper should include:

o Nature of the agency or business

o Framework to be followed

o Rationale for the adoption of the selected framework

o Relevant laws or standards

o Steps for framework adoption

o Changes needed to fit the operations or services

o Best practices for security and risk mitigation

o Software solution recommendations

Length: 2-3 page academic paper

Resources: Minimum of 3 scholarly resources


Part B:


Cybersecurity threats have continued to pose significant problems to multiple organizations, and most organizations have concentrated their efforts to fight cyber-threats from external sources. But most organizations forget to address internal human errors. Although human error can never be eliminated, incidents can be reduced by establishing clear cybersecurity, policies, standards, procedures, guidelines, and providing regular employee training.

The CEO of NCU-FSB has stated that the recent cybersecurity attacks on the organization’s resources were due to internal errors from HR employees. As the newly employed chief information security officer (CISO) for NCU-FSB, the CEO has asked you to present a summary of the control recommendations on cybersecurity based on the risk management model adopted or customized, the reasons for this selection, and provide an overview to the board of trustees of the organization.


For this assignment, you must develop a report that outlines the IT governance provisions for security policies, standards, and procedures. A sample report is provided in the attached file.

Your report should include the following:

  • A brief explanation of the information security lifecycle and the role risk management plays in each phase.
  • A brief overview of the differences between policies, standard procedures, guidelines, and baselines for the protection of paper and electronic processes, forms, and reports.
  • Ideal risk management framework for the organization
  • Policy hierarchy of the implementation
  • Cybersecurity policy component
  • Data encryption tool (firewalls, activity-tracker, monitoring tools, etc.).
  • Policy impact assessment

Length: 2-3 report slides

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