IFMG 101

Office 2013 – myitlab:grader – Instructions Exploring – Word Chapter 4: Assessment Project 1

U.S. Presidents


Project Description: In the following project, you will revise a report on facts and trivia related to U.S. presidents. Your American History instructor assigned the project and has reviewed your first draft. You will act on his comments, review tracked changes, format the paper in MLA style, and include citations and a bibliography.


Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Download and open the file named exploring_w04_grader_a1.docx. 0 2 Ensure that the markup view is All Markup. Toggle off Track Changes and review the changes and comments your instructor has made on the paper. Reject the change on page 1 that includes the text a precursor to the Civil War. 7 3 Accept all remaining changes in the document. Do not delete comments. 5 4 Bold the first two lines in the paper and change the font size to 16 pt. Select all text and change the font to Times New Roman. 6 5 Select all text except the first two lines, and change the font size to 12 pt. Double-space the selected text, ensure that paragraph spacing before and after is 0, and include a First line indent. 6 6 Review the second comment on page 1, noting that you are to format the two in-text headings at Heading 1 style. Format both headings accordingly. Then reply to the comment, typing Heading 1 format does not seem to improve the appearance of these headings. Should I modify the style? 7 7 Delete the first comment on page 1, but leave the second comment in the paper since you will want your instructor to respond to your question. 6 8 Select the numbered items on pages 4 and 5, and remove the First line indent for the selected paragraphs. 7 9 Select MLA Seventh Edition writing style. Scroll to page 2 and click before the period ending the paragraph on Franklin Roosevelt (after the words New Deal).

Insert a citation with a new Book source: Author: Avery, Brian Title: The Great Depression and the New Deal Year: 2014 City: New York Publisher: Acorn Press 6 10 Scroll to page 3 and click before the period that ends the second to last sentence on Andrew Jackson, after the words national bank. Insert a citation with a new Journal Article source: Corporate Author: The American History Foundation Title: America’s Lion Journal Name: Journal of Early American History Year: 2015 Pages: 22-27 Volume: 14 Issue: 9 6 11 Click after the words World War II (and before the period ending the sentence) in the paragraph on Harry Truman on page 4. Insert the Avery source you created in step 9. 5 12 Move to the beginning of the document and insert a blank page. Insert a table of contents on the new blank page, with a style of Automatic Table 2. 7 13 Insert a blank page at the end of the report and insert a bibliography with the title Works Cited. The bibliography should be double-spaced with no paragraph spacing before or after. 7 14 Modify the Book source for the book written by Brian Avery to change the year to 2013. (Hint: Use Manage Sources to edit the source both in the master list and the current document.) 5 15 Update the bibliography to show the modified source. 6 16 Format the bibliography with a font of Times New Roman and a font size of 12 pt. The title Works Cited should be centered. All text in the bibliography should be Black, Text 1 font color. Ensure that no text is bold. 7 17 Insert a header with a right-aligned page number. (Hint: Click Field on the Quick Parts menu, select Page, and then right-align the header.) Do not display the header on the first page. Numbering begins with page 2 on the first page of the report. 7 18 Save the document and exit Word. Submit the document as directed. 0 Total Points 100




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