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Rangarathnam, B., McCullough, G. H., Pickett, H., Zraick, R. I., Tulunay-Ugur, O., & McCullough, K. C. (2015). Telepractice versus in-person delivery of voice therapy for primary muscle tension dysphonia. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 24(3), 386-399.

What is the effect of delivering voice therapy exercises (flow phonation) via telepractice compared to face-to-face delivery?

The authors recruited 14 participants with primary MTD, divided into two groups – one group received treatment face-to-face and another received therapy via telepractice. Participants were administered voice therapy exercises for 12 sessions. Pre and post treatment voice measures were compared.

Participants demonstrated statistically significant changes as an effect of treatment and the treatment outcomes were similar in both groups demonstrating that telepractice is as effective as face-to-face delivery.

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