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Health Policy, Politics and Perspectives

Week #8: Discussion 1

A Connected Patient Is A Healthier Patient.

The main reason for choosing this particular topic is that when an interconnection is created between the patient and the doctor then the patient gets a step closer to getting cured. This is because the digital platforms that have been set up have made it possible for the patients even to get prescriptions while at home. The patient is able even to get methods on how they can lead a healthy life and even get to know better methods of how they can avoid chances of attaining risks (Williams, Samarth, 2011). The online platforms also remove the burden of patients moving from their areas at work just to go and have access to lab results but due to the digital platforms been set up the lab results are posted on the patient’s portal where only the patient can be able to access them.

When the digital health resources are made available to all users it creates perfect coordination between the doctor and the patient. This, therefore, enhances better treatment of the patients since their records are kept up to date hence there is no risk of data loss. Past when the patient had to carry cumbersome files back to their homes and would be forced to come back with them and every time they were needed to go back for examinations (Rosenbloom, 2011). Sometimes the patient could lose the files, and this would lead to the patient’s progress being forced to be reversed since the doctors are not able to track earlier treatments

The digital resources will be of help in the eradication of diseases in the world. This is because digital resources have helped by providing recent and powerful techniques that help combat deadliest diseases. These diseases are so critical that human beings cannot handle them on their own. Due to this control measures robots have been set up to help in combating these diseases. The researchers who are put in place to look for methods to cure these diseases have been equipped with high technology research facilities that they use to find out the cure for diseases

The digital resources have also enabled patients who suffer from a similar disease to get together. This has made possible by the existence of medical social platforms that make it possible for them to interact with each other. The social groups provide much help to the patients of which they usually give each other moral support and guidance. These social groups help the newly admitted patients get to know that they are not alone in the situation they are and hence should not find a reason to give up. The digital social platforms are also equipped with doctors specialized in their kind of ailing. These doctors are available in the groups and are there to provide any professional assistance that the patients cannot handle. They also provide tips on how to live well and to avoid risks of their condition worsening. By the use of these resources, there would be fewer cases of people dying due to lacking knowledge.

Digital resources will also make it possible for patients who live in areas that are not near hospitals to get access to treatment. These health resources will help in diagnosing the patient’s health while at home. This is because they are equipped with better resources that help them analyze the patient’s symptoms while still at home and even prescribes medication to the affected patient when the condition is not worse and can be handled by the prescription. When analyzing the condition and finds to be worse the digital healthcare system signals the emergency care unit where the patient is made to go physically to the nearest hospital for more assessment. By use of this digital system, it means that in the next five years the existence of local clinics would be a thing of the past. This would lead to increased healthcare standards since most of the clinics are not certified by law.


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