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discussion 1

Opioids are used widely in the United States (US) to treat millions of patients who have high levels of pain. A majority of these patients are older adults. With complications that come with aging, it is important that care givers be keen on how they medicate geriatric patients using opioids. I’m instreated on knowing how the used of opioids effect the againg population. In my opinion i think alternative medications should be used. Because Slight mistakes of excessive used of opioids can result in complications such as physiologic difficulties and addiction to the drug

Old age comes with physiologic complications that may be increased by the wrong use of opioid medication. It is difficult to forecast how the elderly will react to opioid treatment. Health providers ought to make thorough evaluation on their patients like asking them to describe their levels of pain before beginning any form of treatment (Tracy, 2013). For instance, how one’s liver functions should be observed to ensure proper dosage. If not checked, opioid medication can result in difficulties such as a stressed respiratory system. It is also vital to monitor the period of time that the medication will be administered.

New research suggests that geriatric patients are just as likely to get addicted to opioid medications similar to young adults. This fact was unknown for a long time because such cases were rarely ever reported or noticed. The emerging research gives evidence that as much as the numbers of elderly patients addicted to opioid drugs are lower than that of young adults, the cases of addiction are on the rise (Gazelka, Leal, & Lapid, 2020). Stereotyping and stigmatization contributes to low discovery of addicted geriatric patients by health care providers.

discussion 2

The topic that I will conduct the research on is about ischemic stroke. Reports show that, stroke is among the leading causes of deaths globally; around 795, 000 individuals, die of stroke in the United States alone, every year (Boehme et al., 2018). The individuals who are more predisposed to the condition are the elderly. The past few years have seen a record decrease in the number of mortalities from the disease. However, recent studies have shown that the numbers are rising again, due to unknown reasons. It has therefore been the motivation behind selecting this topic, to find out the reason behind the rising cases, including how to prevent, diagnose, and manage the condition, to reduce the mortality rates.

The most common type of stroke is ischemic stroke, which occurs due to the formation of a blood clot in the artery that supplies blood to the brain, causing a blockage. This blockage prevents the flow of blood and oxygen into brain, damaging the brain cells (Musuka et al., 2015). The common cause of the condition is the narrowing of the arteries, which is commonly caused by the gradual deposition of cholesterol on the artery walls (atherosclerosis). The effects that ischemic stroke has on a patient are life changing. It affects the vision, speech, the coordination and movement, and the general mental health of a patient.

Another critical issue to worry about stroke is the cost and the burden that the disease leaves on the healthcare services, on the economy; missed workdays, and on the medications. In my family, we had an individual who suffered from acute ischemic stroke, and the condition was worse. therefore, doing this research will help me found out the common and recent predisposing factors to the condition, and find out the advanced forms of treatment, that can help stroke patients live a smooth live a smooth life.

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