Now that you have all of the necessary information/components, assemble and complete your mini-grant application.

Up to this point in this course you have:

Described a health-related problem for an educational program and identified a mini-grant for development.
Developed a concept paper for your health educational program.
Developed a budget.
Discussed community partnerships, coalitions, and personnel.
Remember, this is a practice exercise, so you will not actually be submitting your proposal /application to the funding source; you will merely upload the document by the end of this module for review by me. Nevertheless, here are some things to keep in mind were you to actually await a decision on your proposal:

The grant-seeking process is exceedingly competitive, particularly in the present era of fiscal constraint. This means that a large number of individuals/organizations are competing for the same limited funds. Should your application be rejected, consider resubmission after speaking with the staff person who oversees the grant program to see where your proposal can be strengthened.
Although this was not a requirement for your SLP, in the “real world” one should always seek feedback from those familiar with grant writing, the funding agency, the problem being addressed, etc., prior to submitting your proposal to the funder; by this I mean providing an individual you trust a copy of your proposal draft, and soliciting their constructive feedback.
Assessing the fit between your project and the funder early in the game will spare you unnecessary frustration. Keep in mind that “poor fit” with one funder does not preclude a “great fit” with another.
Should your proposal be funded the first time around, CELEBRATE, as you are about to embark upon an adventure, one that will likely be a platform for future projects of broader scale, from which you will learn tremendously.
NOTE: Your grade on this assignment will be based upon the extent to which your application conforms to the requirements of the mini-grant program you selected in Module 1. With this in mind, please “put your best foot forward!” and be sure to introduce the program and a brief discussion on the grant.

Length: With all SLP assignments combined, this submission should be approximately 11- 12 pages total.

SLP Assignment Expectations
Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric that is linked within the course. Review it before you begin working on the assignment.

Your submission should meet the guidelines on file format, in-text citations and references, scholarly sources, scholarly writing, and use of direct quotes noted under Module 1 Assignment Expectations.

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