Excel 2019 In Practice – Ch 5 Independent Project 5-4

Wilson Home Entertainment Systems monitors cash flow at their individual locations separately and consolidates data. After the summary is complete, you insert hyperlinks to each of the supporting worksheets.

[Student Learning Outcomes 5.1, 5.4, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8]

Files Needed: WilsonHome-05.xlsx (Available from the Start File link.) and WHES.png (Available from the Resources link.)

Completed Project File Name: [your name]-WilsonHome-05.xlsx

Skills Covered in This Project

  • Group and format worksheets.
  • Create a static data consolidation with SUM.
  • Insert a picture from a file.
  • Insert a hyperlink.
  • Copy a hyperlink.
  • Encrypt a workbook with a password.
  1. Open the WilsonHome-05 start file. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
  2. Group all the worksheets.
  3. Edit and format grouped sheets.
    1. Select cells A1:B2 and click the Launcher in the Alignment group [Home tab]. Choose Center Across Selection from the Horizontal list and click OK.ImagesFigure 5-76 Consolidate dialog box for cash flow
    2. Click the Launcher in the Page Setup group [Page Layout tab] and click the Margins tab.
    3. Choose Horizontally from the Center on page list and click OK.
    4. Edit the contents of cell A10 to read Cash paid for marketing.
    5. Select cell A1 and ungroup the sheets.
  4. Select the CashFlow sheet.ImagesFigure 5-77 Image positioned as title
  5. Build a static data consolidation for the Cash flow from operations section.
    1. Select cells B4:B12.
    2. Use SUM to consolidate the data from the three location sheets without links. (Figure 5-76).
  6. Build a static data consolidation for the Cash flow from banking and investment section in cells B15:B21. Delete the references in the Consolidate dialog box and use SUM as the function.ImagesFigure 5-78 Hyperlink text to switch to Cash Flow sheet
  7. Build a static data consolidation for the Cash balance at the beginning of the quarter amounts in cell B24 with SUM as the function.
  8. Insert a picture from a file.
    1. Delete the contents of cell A1 on the CashFlow sheet.
    2. Click cell D2.
    3. Click the Pictures button [Insert tab, Illustrations group].
    4. Find and select WHES from your student data files.
    5. Click Insert. The picture is placed at a default size.
    6. Click the Height box [Picture Tools Format tab, Size group].
    7. Type 1.2 to replace the default height and press Enter.
    8. Format the height of row 1 to 86.25 (115 pixels).
    9. Point to the logo frame to display a move pointer.
    10. Drag the image to appear in cell A1 as a main label for the worksheet (Figure 5-77).
    11. Click cell D2 to deselect the image.
  9. Insert and copy a hyperlink.
    1. Click cell C3 on the Peoria worksheet.
    2. Create a hyperlink that displays Total Cash Flow and switches to cell A1 on the Cash Flow worksheet (Figure 5-78).
    3. Right-click cell C3 and choose Copy from the menu.
    4. Select the Champaign sheet tab and paste the hyperlink in cell C3.
    5. Select the Rockford sheet tab and paste the hyperlink in cell C3.
    6. Select the Peoria sheet, and press Esc to remove the copy marquee if it is still visible.
    7. Select cell C5 and then click the cell with the hyperlink to test it.
  10. Save and close the workbook (Figure 5-79).
  11. Upload and save your project file.
  12. Submit project for grading.

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