Evidence-Informed Public Health And Knowledge Management Strategies

“Evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) involves the incorporation of the best available evidence from a systematically collected, appraised, and analyzed body of knowledge” (Liebowitz, Schieber, and Andreadis, 2010). Academic libraries are argued to be considered knowledge management tools.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research healthcare IT and their standards. Based on your research on a current Public Health issue and understanding, respond to the following:

Defend and argue your position on the role that academic libraries such as South University Online Library play as Knowledge Management Tools.
Identify and describe the desired results of your library research on a current public health issue.
Assess the process and identify the gaps in the key terms used to find the desired data and information.
Describe and discuss if the principles of knowledge management can close the gaps in the lack of data and information.
Develop a strategy to engage the right people and technology to assist in finding the necessary data and information and convert it to knowledge.
Formulate a summary of the new knowledge you have gained from at least three research articles related to the current public health issue researched.

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