Ethical dilemma

Respond to your colleagues  by providing additional thoughts about competing needs that may impact your colleagues’ selected issues, or additional ideas for applying policy to address the impacts described.

At least 2 references in each peer responses!


Nursing leaders face many ethical dilemmas, among these being making a choice between having limited resources and competing needs. Resources tend to be finite, thus there is immense competition for them in healthcare settings. Nationally, one of the most pressing issues is data security in the health care sector. The industry has experienced multiple incidences in the past where criminals have stolen private patient data records and data (Kruse et al., 2017). This has resulted in a lot of policy changes, thus the need for healthcare facilities to consider them along other needs associated with the healthcare system.

Competing needs may affect the implementation of the policies associated implementation of sufficient data and patient record safeguards. For instance, healthcare facilities may not have sufficient resources to cater for additional employees in their information technology departments, while they also need additional nurses to enhance their quality of care. The presence of such national stressors may require nurse leaders to balance on the policy recommendations that they need. For instance, they may have to reallocate some resources for activities such as the recruitment of additional nurses. This is to ensure that they have some resources for the recruitment of additional personnel or outsourcing of some functions in the information technology department to ensure there are sufficient safeguards for patient data and compliance with the national policy requirements (Liu et al., 2017).

One of the main impacts of the competing needs includes the lack of sufficient resources to address each of the needs sufficiently. However, policies can be able to address some of these ethical dilemmas. For instance, nurse leaders can ensure that resources are allocated based on the urgency of these needs, while at the same time ensuring there is compliance with national policies relating to an area (Naes et al., 2017). For instance, rather than establishing an entire information department, a health care facility may resort to outsourcing the function, which would be relatively cheaper.

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