Essay About Hacking


 In this essay you will be playing the role of a Chief Security Officer (CSO). This particular exercise will allow you to take your book learning exercises and translate them into a plan to counter the hacking attacks you may encounter.

Tools Needed Web access

Additional Tools

Other Tools as needed  


Congratulations on your brand new job as the CSO of Transnational Bank of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, you are being thrown to the wolves in your first week on the job, it turns out that your bank has been targeted as one of the next banks to be attacked by Anonymous. The CEO has tasked you with answering a set of questions that was recommended by another CSO at Chase Bank.

Formulating answers to these questions:

What digital assets are malicious users going after at a bank? How do they pursue targets? What are their means, methods, motives? What actual attacks have occurred at other banks? What attack patterns have been used in the banking industry in the past? Which of the topics discussed in the past eight weeks would be most dangerous to us? Are there any well-known attacks we can prep for?

This Essay will allow you to consider the roles that the techniques we have discussed in this course can take place in the real world. Think like a hacker to best protect yourself.


A 1500-2000 word document answering each of the questions listed above, that is 1500-2000 TOTAL. Have fun and enjoy.

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