Student Guidelines Women & Newborn Health Nursing Ticket to Enter

Normal Vaginal Delivery

It is essential to the success of your simulation experience that everyone is prepared. Please come prepared to discuss the following objectives during pre-briefing. This assignment must be printed and is your ticket to enter the simulation center.


Preparation Guidelines


Ricci Text Chapter 13: Labor and Birth Processes (entire chapter)

Ricci Text Chapter 14: Nursing Management During a Labor and Birth (entire chapter)

ATI:  Chapters 11-15


Ticket to Enter



1. Briefly describe each of the 4 stages of labor. Include 2 nursing assessments and nursing interventions for each phase/stage of labor.


2. What is a normal fetal heart rate?



3. Describe how to assess uterine contractions.


4. How does a nurse know when to call the health care provider for delivery?

5. What are some non-pharmacologic methods for pain relief during labor?


6. Explain the Apgar score and how it is obtained.



7. Describe the nursing interventions for stabilization of the neonate immediately after delivery.


8. What is the physiologic change called that occurs with the uterus after delivery of the newborn and the placenta? How can a nurse promote this physiologic function?





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