Enterprise Information Architecture Reference Architecture (EIA RA) For Developing A National EHR System

Assignment Task 

You are to prepare a preliminary report for the Australian Federal Government describing the benefits of an Enterprise Information Architecture Reference Architecture (EIA RA) for developing a national EHR system. Attention should be made to an information centric design and how to best achieve this. The intended audience for this report are government officials who may have knowledge of the health system but limited computing knowledge.

Your report should follow the following template:

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Table of Figures Table of Tables (if needed)


2.0Enterprise Information Architecture Reference Architecture

Discuss the benefits an EIA RA approach can provide to guide development of a EHR system. This discussion should expand on at least three of the identified benefits and should include at least one diagram providing an overview of the proposed system.

3.0Information Management and Integration

The disparate nature of entities and systems within health care, the volume of structured and unstructured data, and the sensitivity of that data pose challenges for data management and integration. You are to describe several of these challenges and propose strategies to overcome them.




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