Electronic Records In Nursing

Talk about these three subtopics and provide examples and in-text citations using APA format on how electronic records in nursing have an impact on healthcare and nursing. A paragraph for each subtopic.
1. • Ethical practice
2. • Compliance with legal and regulatory mandates
3. • Organizational infrastructure and operations

• Support discussions with examples & data from current evidence-based resources.

• Scholarly writing and current APA guidelines should be followed as applicable to PowerPoint slides.
• Cite sources in APA format in the applicable slides and include the APA formatted reference in your reference list slide(s)‐ minimum 6 references.
• Spelling, grammar, and punctuation apply even in bullet points and speaker slides (e.g., quotation marks, italics, verb tense, etc.).
– Turn it in score 0% – No plagiarism
– References

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