Main Post: For this week’s main discussion post, you want to look in detail at the characters in the short story to produce a character portrait, a description of the personality, psychology, world-view, attitudes and values of a single character. This will involve looking at the different ways that the author creates and shapes the character. To write the assignment:

Choose a character—either Twinkle or Sanjeev.

Create a short post that answers the following questions:

  1. What is the character’s personality?
  2. What do they value?
  3. How do they think/feel about their world?
  4. What, if any, is their overall emotional tone (angry, frustrated, etc)?
  5. How do they respond to the conflicts that arise in their world?
  6. Choose a single word to sum them up, or to symbolize them.
  7. At the end of our work time, share your findings with the class.

For your Peer Response post, choose at least one assertion that your peer makes about the character and, using evidence from the story, offer an alternative interpretation. For example, if your peer suggests that Sanjeev is controlling, find evidence in the text that suggests an alternative interpretation, such as evidence that suggests actions that seem controlling may stem from frustration, or just a different personality type.

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