Discussion: Using The Walden Library

Using proper APA formatting, cite the peer-reviewed article you selected that pertains to your practice area and is of particular interest to you and identify the database that you used to search for the article. Explain any difficulties you experienced while searching for this article. Would this database be useful to your colleagues? Explain why or why not. Would you recommend this database? Explain why or why not and Respond to at least two of your colleagues’ posts by offering suggestions/strategies for working with this database from your own experience, or offering ideas for using alternative resources.

Article is below– My practice is Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Implementation of the Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role in Forensic Settings: A Case Report.

Authors:Paradis-Gagné, Etienne
Guimond, ValérieSource:Journal of Forensic Nursing; Jul-Sep2020, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p179-182, 4pPublication Year:2020ISSN:15563693Accession Number:145453916Database:Supplemental IndexPublisher Logo:

Please respond to each post separately

Discussion Post 1


The article I have chosen is

Mohn, C., & Rund, B. R. (2016). Significantly improved neurocognitive function in major depressive disorders 6 weeks after ECT. Journal of Affective Disorders202, 10-15.

I have always been interested in Electroconvulsive therapy since I find it fascinating and related to my practice area. The treatment is majorly utilized for severe major depression that has not responded to other forms of treatment. I used the Walden University database to find the most relevant article related to this issue. I did not have any difficulties accessing the article though I found many articles relating to the topic, and I had to narrow down to the most appropriate one. I found an article that had information on ‘significantly improved neurocognitive function in major depressive disorders in 6 weeks after ECT’. The information enlightened me on what Electroconvulsive therapy is all about and expected after the treatment is done. I found information on the side effects of Electrovulsive therapy and who are eligible to undertake the treatment. I discovered that some patients suffer from reduced cognitive function, mainly on the speed of processing, reduced cognitive function, and episodic memory, usually the very first week of the therapy. I recommend the database to any user who might have anything to research on but has problems getting articles with credible, adequate, and reliable information. I also recommend the database because the articles found there are reasonable and trustworthy. There are many articles regarding a specific topic; therefore, one has a range of articles to choose from. Generally, the Walden university database is a great place to find the best articles related to a particular topic to acquire more information.

Discussion Post 2

Fatigue Amongst Emergency Department Nurses

I chose an article about fatigue amongst nurses working in the emergency department as I feel this article would be most relatable. I have only been as registered nurse for three years, but I am able to understand how easily it is to become overwhelmed and burned out. This article assesses the relationship between demographic factors, physical health, psychological distress and job-related psychosocial factors (psychological job demands, job control and social support) and prolonged fatigue among emergency department nurses (Al-Abdallah & Malak, 2019).

From the student portal, I was able to access the academic resources and then library under the dropdown menu. On the library homepage there were several search options such as by publications or databases. Selecting the databases option brought me to a list of different choices including CINAHL Plus with full text. Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature: a large collection of journals and e-books on many nursing and allied health topics (n.d-a). Clicking this link then brought me to a search bar where I then typed in a general topic such as: “emergency department nurses and fatigue”. I was then given access to several peer-reviewed articles in which I chose the one that fit my topic of choice. Thereafter, I was able to access the full article and other relevant resources.

I had no difficulties searching for this article as the Walden University’s library has made everything easily accessible for students. I do believe the database CINAHL is most useful to my colleagues as they will continue to need peer-reviewed articles throughout their program. I recommend this database because it provides peer-reviewed articles that are relevant and within five years. Additionally, students can access the Walden University library if there is ever a question about if what you’ve found is a journal article (n.d-b).

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