Discussion Research Problem

Identify a clinical problem in your area of clinical interest. Discuss a gap in the current research literature that you can identify specific to your clinical problem (Chapter 3 & 5). Think about variables you will need to investigate to fill the gap in knowledge share with your group.

For example (this is just an example), increased CAUTI in critical care is a clinical problem you are familiar with. You hypothesize that silver tip catheters decrease the incidence of CAUTIs in critical care.  You as the researcher would like to investigate if this reduction in CAUTI can be attributed to silver tip catheters, but you are unable to find this in the literature. You develop a research problem stating this gap in the literature; Does the use of silver tip catheters in critical care units decrease the incidence of CAUTIS? The target population would be patients in critical care units with catheters. .The variables include CAUTI and silver tip catheters. The setting is critical care.


Your online participation grade for each week has three parts: 60% for original post, 20% for your first peer reply, and 20% for your second peer response.  The initial post is due on Wednesday and peer replies are due on Saturdays. Responses should be made to peers who have not already received two peer responses so that everyone receives two responses.

To receive full credit, your original post should include all elements requested in the prompt (prompt may have multiple parts and/or require an article to be attached). Responses to the prompt should be made directly in the discussion forum (not as an attachment). All posts (original and replies) should be substantive and contribute to the understanding of the topic. Your response can support the view of the other person, lend a different viewpoint, or provide additional information. In addition, a peer response can be a question which, if answered, would improve upon the other student’s original idea. Provide rationale for your views and cite the work of others if needed. No credit will be given for peer responses such as “good job” or “I agree.”

Must include at least one citation related to your topic. Posts should be made within your group discussion forum. Reply to two peers.

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