Discussion Board

 Write a clinical question to address the problem using the PICOT format. For example:

  • Population/Patient/Problem: Elderly in nursing home for those prone to skin tears
  • Intervention (action or treatment): Use of protective barrier skin cream daily
  • Comparison/Control: Use of DermaTuff Sleeve to high risk area
  • Outcome Desired/Objective: Decrease number of skin tears by 25%
  • Time Frame: Within 6 months
  • Describe these types of research methods: Qualitative, quantitative, & mixed.  What type of research method would you use to investigate your clinical question?
  • Provide research to show the importance of this issue and why change is necessary.
  • For this post, you must show research in your writing using in-text citations and show your reference in 7th. ed. APA.

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