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4-There are various in which a person can be able to evaluate whether the evidence they have and are using in the practice is true or not. It is always important to evaluate evidence so as to be able to understand what type of information one is using. Two methods that one can be able to use to evaluate evidence in the nursing practice include systematic reviews and meta analyses (Melnyk, 2011). Systematic reviews are a form of literature review that involves the use of systematic methods to be able to collect and analyze secondary information presented in a document. The method involves trying to understand whether the data presented in the source has followed the right steps when being developed. Meta analyses on the other hand is a method through which the researcher is able to evaluate the credibility of data being presented in various quantitative sources. According to research, one cannot be able to use the results of one research activity to implement an intervention. There is need for them to use several sources. Meta analyses allows the research to combine the results of various sources to find the commonality in them.

One of the main difference in both methods is the focus the methods. Meta-analysis focuses on the researcher being able to analyze quantitative data from various sources. Systematic reviews on the other and focus on both qualitative and quantitative data to come up with results (Uman, 2011). The main difference is therefore what type of data each deals with. Systematic reviews follow a certain procedure in order to be able to come up with a result. This is not the same as in the case of meta analyses where the focus is on research results of article that are investigating the same topic. The similarity in both is that they are able to help the researcher to compare various forms of data and come up with a result. They allow the researcher to compare the results of multiple research and studies.


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