Discussion Assignment



Each week of this course, you will work on parts of your final project. This week you will identify the Wikipedia stub article that you would like to expand, determine what information you may need to expand the article, and identify keywords to begin your information search. A stub article is one that Wikipedia considers too short and does not provide detailed coverage of a subject or topic. This assignment sets the foundation so you can compose your article by Week 5


To complete your assignment, download the Week 1: Assignment Template (Links to an external site.) and respond to each section. In the template, you will

  • Choose a title from the List of Wikipedia Stub Articles (Links to an external site.)  (Links to an external site.) provided, and
    • State the title of the Wikipedia stub article you would like to expand.
    • Explain what interests you about this stub article.
  • Share two additional subtopics that you would like to explore, or that you think people would be interested in knowing about the topic.
    • Explain why you chose each subtopic to explore.
    • State at least two specific questions you would like to answer about each topic.
    • Share what information you may need to find to answer each question.
  • Identify at least three keywords for each subtopic that might help you find the information you need.

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