What is the difference between model, theory, framework, and philosophy? How are they related? (Discriminate between the concepts.)

R/ The purpose of this paper is to describe the differences between model, theory, framework, and philosophy, as well as how they are related. According to McKenna (1997) models, therefore are conceptual tools or devices that can be used by an individual to understand and place complex phenomena into perspective. It gives the viewer an indication of what the real thing is like (p 12). A theory is an idea that something will work without having facts. Once a theory is made then it is put to the test for validity. Per Fawcett (2005b) philosophy is to communicate what the members of a discipline believe to be true in relation to the phenomena of interest to that discipline (pp 11-12). My philosophy may be similar in nature to my best friend, who is also a nurse, but no two people share the exact same philosophy. The medical dictionary (n.d) framework is a group of related concepts and theories that are of importance to nurses to guide nursing practice, education, and research (para 1).  These are all closely related in my opinion because a theory is based on the philosophy of the nurse, once proven, it becomes a framework for the model.



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