Discussion: Legal and Ethical Considerations for Group and Family Therapy

Considering the Health Insurance Portability and  Accountability Act (HIPPA), the idea of discussing confidential  information with a patient in front of an audience is probably quite  foreign to you. However, in group and family therapy, this is precisely  what the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner does. In your  role, learning how to provide this type of therapy within the limits of  confidentiality is essential. For this Discussion, consider how limited  confidentiality and other legal and ethical considerations might impact  therapeutic approaches for clients in group and family therapy.


To prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide on group and family therapy.

View the media, Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health  Professions, Volume I, and reflect on legal and ethical considerations  for group and family therapy and individual therapy.

Post an explanation of how legal and ethical  considerations for group and family therapy differ from those for  individual therapy. 

Then, explain how these differences might impact  your therapeutic approaches for clients in group and family therapy.  

Support your rationale with evidence-based literature. 

Link to download the media Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health  Professions:


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