Digital Crime Discussion Questions NOT A Paper

1.From the e-Activity, select two (2) types of online traps that have the most adverse impact on children. Next, speculate on one (1) way not discussed in the article in which parents or society can protect children from online exploitation. Provide a rationale for your response.

  • Identify at least three (3) types of exploitation that prevalently occur over the Internet. Next, give your opinion of whether or not you believe that the current primary federal laws are efficient in combatting the types of Internet exploitation in question. Justify your response.

Please make sure theses are separate

2. Respond to this post. It only has to be 2 to 5 sentences

The two online traps that have the most adverse impact on kids today is pornography and social networks. The fact that most children are easily swayed allows so much room for predators to come in and gain their trust. The biggest impact today is peer pressure. Children want to either keep up with their friends or out-do their friends. If their friend has accepted a friend request on any social media site, it makes it easier for another child to accept a request, too. Neither of them know who that friend actually is. Posing nude sounds good to the younger generation, especially if they have been promised a successful future and or money to do so. We, as parents, need to see our kids as they are–just kids. We lead by example. It’s really hard to convince a child not to frequent one of the many social media sites, if that’s what we do on a regular basis. We can protect our children by stressing to them and their friends, if necessary, that just because someone wants to be their friend doesn’t mean that the unknown person is actually who they say that are. We as parents need to be on the same page when it comes to protecting our children. It’s sad that we have to teach your kids not to talk to strangers because you never know who you will meet or need. We can also gather quite a bit of information from our kids about what’s going on with them and their friends if we just make time to talk to them. We, as parents, should also know that we can’t be our kids ‘friend’.


Internet expoitation consists of stalking, cyberbullying, and child pornography. In my opinion, federal laws have become tougher on internet exploitation. The PROTECT act of 2003, made existing laws tougher. Because expoitation over the internet worsens daily, we can only hope that federal laws will get even tougher. I would love to see a law passed that makes it a crime for older men to look at children in a provocative way.

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