Data Analysis Using JMP

  1. Work on the Case about Baggage Complaints.
  • You may read the pdf file firstly to get an idea about the business scenario, and then start following the data analysis instructions in the file to analyze the data
  • This case mostly uses Graph > Graph builder and Analyze > Tabulate to analyze the data
  • For example, underneath the Exhibit 1, it has instructions, “(Graph > Graph Builder; drag and drop Baggage in Y, Date in X and Airline in Overlay. Click on the smoother icon at the top to remove the smoother, and click on the line icon. Or, right-click in the graph, and select Smoother >Remove, and Points > Change to > Line. Then, click Done.)
  • After creating Exhibit 1, on the top left of the graph click the red triangle beside “Graph Builder”; select Save Script> To Data Table, a script will be created in the data table
  • After you have done with most of Exhibits, including Exhibits 1-7 except Exhibit 3, Save the .jmp file (this step is important, otherwise you may lose the work that you’ve done)
  1. Following the similar steps for the other two cases
    • For the case about Contribution, you may create Exhibits 1, 2, 3, and 7
    • For the case about Classification Tree Credit Card Marketing, you may focus on the Exhibits 2 through 12.
  2. Next, complete the 4 exercise questions at the end of the business case about Contribution and write the answers in a word file.

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