Consolidated Project Plan

All requirement to build the project with MS PROJECT are in the instructional Paper. Please review all instructions in details before embarking on this project. Also, i have attach all .mpp previous project file you need to complete this project. No Plagiarism. Thank you


The purpose of this Team projectis to update, improved,  and consolidate all previous project documents and files and to prepare a final project plan and a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the plan. This is when we begin to see the project as a WHOLE, rather than as a series of documents and pieces.


The consolidated project plan should follow the following general guidelines.  PMI recommends the following sections in a project management plan (questions are provided to guide the narrative, but full details to address the topic should be included):


  • Purpose – what is the purpose of the project?
  • Background – what is the problem that the project will solve?  How does the project align with the business strategy or goals?
  • Approach  – what will the system look like?


  • Goals/objectives  – what will the project accomplish when it is complete?
  • Scope  – what is the defined scope and what is not included in the scope of the project?
  • Deliverables  Constraints/assumptions
  • Related projects/critical dependencies
  • Schedule and milestones
  • Budget
  • Benefit assessment, including cost benefit
  • Risk assessment
  • WBS
  • Quality management approach
  • Tools and techniques to be used
  • Resource estimates
  • Standards
  • Change and control procedures for managing change
  • Roles/responsibilities
  • Work plan
  • Team contact directory
  • Thresholds for cost, schedule or scope changes that require new review and approval/agreement
  • Approval sign-off form


There are several other good templates and formats available.  Please be sure to credit the source of your Project Plan structure of format.


Regardless of organization, requirements for the consolidate project plan document and presentation include at least the following:


  • The Consolidated Project Plan consolidates, discusses and summarizes each of the ITP deliverables.  The consolidated plan, with the exception of the mpp file, must summarize each of the ITP documents (schedule, major resources, major risks, cost, etc.) in the text of the document.  The final consolidated plan should discuss what the project is, what is required to meet the needs of the client, how information was gathered and presented, and information that will help the company and the client or executive sponsor). Documents prepared, updated and approved during the semester should be added as Appendices – either in full or embedded (preferable)..
  • A paragraph or two that describes the updates, improvements and changes made to the ITP documents should address what the changes are and why they were made.
  • The full ITP-6 assignment includes a PowerPoint briefing and a current Microsoft Project file reflecting all improvements and changes.

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