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  1. Open the StudentSuccess-03.docx start file. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button so you can modify it.
  2. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
  3. Review and delete selected comments and tracked changes.
    1. Change the Display for Review view to All Markup.
    2. Read the comment at top of the document and then delete the comment.
    3. Find the first tracked change in the document (left, right, and top margin changed) and Reject Format Change.
    4. Review the changes in the document and then Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking.
  4. Apply styles to the title and headings.
    1. Apply the Title style to the title on the first page.
    2. Apply the Heading 1 style to all the bold headings
    3. Apply the Heading 2 style to all the underlined headings.
  5. Insert footnotes and apply text formatting.
    1. On the first page, insert a footnote after “Weekly Schedules” in the “Schedule Your Time” section.
    2. Type Weekly Schedules are available from your counselor or in the college bookstore. as the footnote text.
    3. Insert a footnote at the end of “Be sure to schedule your time for all these in your 119 hours.” (after the period) in the “Schedule Your Time” section.
    4. Type Be sure to schedule recreational time in your 119 hours. as the footnote text.
  6. Move a footnote and modify footnote number format.
    1. Select the first footnote reference marker (in the body) and move it so it appears after “Weekly Schedule” in the “Track Your Time” section (use drag and drop or cut and paste).
    2. Deselect the moved footnote and change the footnote number format to a, b, c.
  7. Insert placeholders in the body of the document.
    1. In the “Introduction” section on the first page, insert a new placeholder named Navarro at the end of the body paragraph (and before the period).
    2. In the “Test Anxiety” section on the second page, insert a new placeholder named Sierra at the end of the body paragraph (and before the period).
    3. In the “Goal Setting” section on the fourth page, insert the Navarro placeholder (not a new placeholder) at the end of the intro paragraph (and before the period).
  8. Use the Source Manager dialog box to update placeholder reference information.
    1. Open the Source Manager and edit the Navarro placeholder to include the following information. Check the Show All Bibliography Fields box if necessary.
      Type of Source: Book
      Author: Tessa C. Navarro
      Title: Study Skills for College Students
      Year: 2018
      City: Chicago
      Publisher: McGraw-Hill
    2. Edit the Sierra placeholder to include the following information.
      Type of Source: Document from Web site
      Corporate AuthorSierra Pacific Community College District
      Name of Web Page: Tips for Student Success
      Name of Web Site:
      Year: 2019
      Year Accessed: 2020
      Month Accessed: February
      Day Accessed: 2
  9. Change bibliography style and insert a works cited page.
    1. Change the bibliography style to MLA.
    2. Place your insertion point on the blank line at the end of the document and insert a page break.
    3. Insert a Works Cited page.
  10. Insert a table of contents.
    1. Place your insertion point at the beginning of the document and insert a page break.
    2. Type Student Success Tips on the first line on the new first page (before the page break) and press Enter.
    3. On the blank line below “Student Success Tips,” insert the Automatic Table 1 table of contents.
    4. Apply the Title style to “Student Success Tips” on the new first page.
  11. Insert a footer and add custom content.
    1. Edit the footer on the first page of the document (table of contents).
    2. Check the Different Odd & Even Pages box. The insertion point displays in the odd page footer.
    3. Insert the Accent Bar 2 from the Page NumberCurrent Position drop-down list.
    4. Press Tab two times and insert the Document Title (or Title) document property field.
    5. Go to the even page footer and insert the Accent Bar 2 from the Page NumberCurrent Position drop-down list.
    6. Press Tab two times and insert the Company document property field.
    7. Change the font size to 10 pt and apply bold formatting to all footer content in both the even and odd page footers.
    8. Close the footer.
  12. Insert and customize a cover page.
    1. Insert the Slice (Light) cover page.
    2. Delete the Subtitle (“Document subtitle”) and Course (“Course title”) document property fields.
    3. Change the font size of the title on the cover page to 40 pt and apply bold formatting.
  13. Insert a page break before the “Physical Signs of Test Anxiety” heading.
  14. Update the entire table of contents and save your document.
  15. Save and close the document (Figure 3-132).
  16. Upload and save your project file.
  17. Submit project for grading.

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