Community Nursing Discussion Minimum Of Three References

Local senior day program requests your assistance. The program is funded through Medicare, Medicaid, and private pay. Many of the seniors are high functioning and able to actively participate in decision- making. The Medicare Part D program is in effect. The seniors are complaining that they do not understand the plan and how it affects them. Medicare D is new to you also.

  • How might you target this specific older adult population?
  • What strategies could you use to teach this subject?
  • How would you consider issues in the discussions such as polypharmacy? (Links to an external site.)

Develop a 1 page information sheet or brochure explaining the most current (2021) features and requirements for Medicare Part D for seniors. This must reflect current CMS and Medicare information for 2021. Attach to your discussion post. Make sure to base your handout on principles of learning for adults and take level of health literacy into account.

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