Communication 4

Metaphorical or Visual Analysis

Metaphorical or Visual Analysis Assignment

Write a 3-page minimum (excluding title and reference pages) essay of either a metaphorical or visual analysis of one or more texts, which are central to your chosen field of study(nursing) The text or texts being utilized are utilized in the broadest sense of the term.

Unlike the traditional rhetorical analysis, which requires adherence to a rather rigid protocol, both the metaphorical and visual analysis can and should be approached in a variety of ways. In regard to the metaphorical analysis the articles by Sontag and Martin (See Blackboard, Assignments tab, Readings for articles. Also, see Blackboard for PowerPoint presentations presented in class under Course Content – Lectures) could provide some guidance) may serve as models to work from. In respect to the visual analysis, the article by Kozol (See Blackboard, Course Content tab, Readings for articles. Also, see Blackboard, Course Content tab, Lectures for PowerPoint presentations presented in class, which could provide some guidance).

The metaphorical or visual analysis should address the following: (1) consider how the metaphors and visual representations structure our thinking (enlarge it, delimit or both), (2) what do the metaphors and visual representations do not say/or show (what do they preclude us from seeing and thinking?). (3) Ultimately, then your task will be to ascertain whose purpose or purposes they serve for cultural, social or political reasons. Examine what kind of ideologies they appear to adhere to and what kinds of worldviews, behaviors or attitudes do they seem to challenge.

All papers are to be typed in a Microsoft Word 2016 format.

Papers are to be double-spaced even between paragraphs with a minimum of 1-inch margins (Microsoft Word frequently triple spaces between paragraphs. To fix that problem go to Word Help and type in the search line “double space the lines in a document” and follow the directions).

Times New Roman font, size 12.

Paragraphs are to be indented one tab.

Papers should have a title page.

Running heads are not required, as shown in the APA manual, because those are for papers going to publication in a journal.

Short papers (less than ten pages) don’t require an abstract.

Quotes taken from class articles, speeches or advertisements need to be cited with the author and the page.

Quotes taken from other sources require the appropriate citing in the body of the paper and a reference list needs to be attached to the paper.

Avoid the use of the term “okay” and contradictions.

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