Case Study

Case Study: Concepts of Aging

Suzanne Jackson is a registered nurse working in the office of an internal medicine physician. In this setting, Ms. Jackson has encountered a significant number of patients who identify with the older adult population. Many of them have significant comorbid conditions. Mrs. Bortello presents to the primary care office requesting assistance in the home. She is 86 years old and has a medical history of diabetes and congestive heart failure. She states she has noticed a recent increase in weakness when she is ambulating within the home and she is fearful about falling and suffering a hip fracture. Further discussion between Ms. Jackson and Mrs. Bortello indicates that the patient is interested in assistance with shopping and activities of daily living (ADLs)

Question 1

Which of the following settings of care would be most appropriate for Mrs. Bortello’s housing needs?

A.       Acute care

B.       Long-term care

C.       Independent living

D.       Subacute care

Question 2

Housing for the older adult is primarily based on which of the following factors?

A.       Promotes functional independence

B.       Promotes functional dependence

C.       Provides access to primary care

D.       Provides access to transportation

Question 3

Older adults tend to move less frequently and prefer to grow older where they reside. This is known as:

A.       Ageism

B.       Aging in place

C.       Countermigration

D.       Immigration

Question 4

Which assessment tool is used to determine the capacity of the older adult to carry out basic self-care activities?

A.       Geriatric assessment

B.       Depression screening tool

C.       Nutritional assessment

D.       Functional ability

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