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  1. Use APA 7th Edition Format and support your work with at least 3 peer-reviewed references within 5 years of publication. Remember that you need a cover page and a reference page. All paragraphs need to be cited properly. Please use headers.  All responses must be in a narrative format and each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences. Lastly, you must have at least 2 pages of content, no greater than 4 pages, excluding cover page and reference page.

    Case Study is Due Date is 03/27/2022 by 11:59PM EST.

    Week 12 Case Study: Osteoporosis

    J.S., a 72-year-old woman of Asian descent, has just transferred to your practice. She had a hysterectomy 8 years ago and has not been on hormone replacement therapy. She is 5 ft 2 inches tall and weighs 102 lb. She has had a sedentary lifestyle (she was a secretary and retired 2 years ago). She drinks four glasses of wine a day. Her mother died at age 62 from complications of a hip fracture. J.S.’s sister was just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. You prescribe a DEXA scan, and the T-score is −2.6 SD.

    Diagnosis: Osteoporosis

    1. List specific goals of therapy for J.S.
    2. What drug therapy would you prescribe? Why?
    3. What are the parameters for monitoring the success of the therapy?
    4. Discuss specific patient education based on the prescribed therapy.
    5. List one or two adverse reactions for the selected agent that would cause you to change therapy.
    6. What OTC or alternative medicines might be appropriate for this patient?
    7. What dietary and lifestyle changes might you recommend?
    8. Describe one or two drug–drug or drug–food interactions for the selected agent.

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