Case study

Module 05 Content

  1. Competency: Prioritize care of the client with medical emergencies.


    You are an LPN working in a small town emergency room. Your manager reports that recent patient satisfaction surveys indicate people are dissatisfied because patients are not seen by the provider in chronological order. This makes people feel they are not receiving the same level of care as those who are called back before them. The registration department has also reported that they spend a lot of time explaining delays to those who are waiting and are frequently asked to provide first aid items such as Band-Aids.

    You see this as a great opportunity to be proactive with your community by having a town hall meeting. Your goal is to present information to your community that would both identify basic first aid steps prior to coming to the ED and explain how care is prioritized during a medical emergency.


    Select three common injuries/illnesses that bring people to the emergency room. Within your PowerPoint presentation, complete the following:

    • Identify ways to prevent each of the selected injury/illness prevention
    • Provide basic first aid steps that can be taken prior for each selected injury/illness before coming to the hospital
    • Using your selections, identify prioritization of client care in triage area and explain why the clients would be seen in this order
    • For each selection, explain prioritization of acute treatment provided in the emergency room

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