Biomedical Ethics Test

The test will evaluate your knowledge of the reading assignments related to the textbook and the Case of Larry Nassar.

There will be 1 test worth 200 points or 20% of your final grade. The test will become available at 8 AM ET on the Friday of Week 12. On this day or very soon after please log into the course website and follow the link to “Test”. Click on the link called “Test Questions” and follow the link to open the exam. Every student will have a unique set of ten questions. Copy and paste your questions into a Microsoft Word document. Begin your research, and develop and refine your responses. The test will be comprised of 10 essay questions. Both content and format will be assessed when determining your score. Content refers to the message of your response. Format refers to the presentation of that message (things like proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, etc.) Your responses are required to be in your own words. The use of direct quotes in your response is not appropriate and will result in reduced points. You must develop your response to each question with scholarly peer-reviewed (SPR) sources (this means peer-reviewed journal articles or textbooks). At least 2 SPR sources must be cited and referenced in your response per test question. At least one of the cited and referenced sources must be from a peer-reviewed scholarly journal article (again, per question). Sources should be cited and referenced in either AMA or APA format (choose one and use it throughout your test). Even if the question requests your opinion, you must provide cited references to support your response. Place your references used for a question at the end of each answer. Once you have completed the test, save the Microsoft Word document to your computer. This document should be uploaded to the Turnitin link named, “Submit Test Answers Here”. Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software program and is used throughout this course. The examination is due on the Friday of Week 13. Reminder about Academic Integrity: This examination is an individual requirement. You are not to discuss or share your work (including, but not limited to, your research, materials used, or responses to specific items) with any other person. Academic integrity violations include cheating on examinations, plagiarism, falsification, forgery, and obstruction, multiple submissions, facilitating academic dishonesty, misconduct in research and creative endeavors, misuse of academic records, misuse of intellectual property and violation of ethical and professional standards. A plagiarism detection software program is typically used at Indiana State University. Please protect yourself from and avoid any such action or situation where you are tempted. An important means to protect yourself from an academic integrity violation is to AVOID PROCRASTINATION. There is no penalty for submitting this examination ahead of time. Once available, the link to pick up your test questions and a separate link to turn it in will be on this page.


Evaluation and Grading Scheme

This is the preliminary evaluation and grading scheme that will be used to assess the answers to each test question.

Preliminary Evaluation

1. Each student will get a unique set of test questions from the course website. You must answer the questions assigned to you? If you do not, then the corrupted test questions will earn a score of zero.

2. Is there evidence of plagiarism? If so, then the item will earn a score of zero, and the student judicial office will be contacted.

If the preliminary evaluation passes all criteria, then move on to the grading scheme.


Grading Scheme (20 points per question)

Quality of Answer (content, logic, depth, breadth) – 8 points Two peer-reviewed sources support the answer – 3 points

One peer-reviewed journal article supports the answer – 3 points

Grammar, construction, academic tone – 3 points

Reference properly constructed – 2 points Citation properly constructed – 1 point

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