Assignment 5

Be sure to read Chapters  7, 8, & 9 in course text, Homework-05 Guideline document, and review Module 5 lecture notes.

To complete this assignment you will need to download and complete the Homework-05 Risk Evaluations & Determinations Excel Workbook.

  • Formulate and assessing IT risk profile and associated  threat types, safeguards, costs, and potential impacts to the organization
  •  Perform a Corporate Asset Risk Analysis & Mitigation Strategy
  •  Perform an Occupational Risk Analysis & Mitigation Strategy
  •  Decision Tree risk calculations and value analysis for making a critical decision

Provide a thoughtful and comprehensive response to each of the section/ worksheet outlined in the Risk Determination Excel Workbook.  Conduct additional research and embed  relevant content in your responses and be sure to properly site and your reference sources using APA format.

Use the Homework-05 MS Excel Workbook document to complete this assignment.

Text book attached in PDF

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