Assignment 1: Week 7 Practicum Journal: Checkpoint For Certification Plan

Checkpoint for Certification Plan

Passing the national certification examination is a vital step towards becoming a certified

PMHNP. As such, sufficient preparation is needed to succeed in the assessment. Therefore,

besides having a study plan, one also requires being prepared to register for the exam in time as

well as to pay to pay the exam’s registration fee. In the first week of this practicum, I explained

my plans for certification, which included the idea to have a comprehensive study plan, timely

registration of the examination, as well as the plan on how to pay for the registration. In this

document, I will highlight my progress in regards to the mentioned aspects besides explaining

my plans to stay on course for certification about the tasks assignment on my timeline, which I

have not achieved.

My initial plan was to register for the exam online and take it 90 days following the

approval of the application. I chose to register online as it would take a shorter period for

approval compared to other models of application such as mail. I applied for the certification

assessment online, and my application was approved two weeks later following the application.

Nevertheless, my initial intention was to have all the required credentials for registration a month

before the application. This was to ascertain that the application was approved devoid of any

delays. Similarly, a week before the registration, I had acquired all the credentials required for

eligibility for the examination.

What is more, the ANCC requires one to pay some amount of money as registration fee

(Lyle-Edrosolo & Waxman, 2016). My initial plan was to use my savings as well as borrow some

money from my parents to pay the fee. A week before the date of registration, I had all the

needed money, partially from my savings and partly from my parents. I, therefore, paid for the

registration on the exact date I had planned and waited for a two weeks approval period after,

which my registration was approved.

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After the approval, I planned to utilize the three months studying. My study plan was to

use six hours of study daily five days every week. As such, my study was divided into two-three

hours sessions every day taking a 20 minutes break in every session. Nevertheless, I have

realized that it is impossible to cover the required material in the remaining time for to be fully

prepared and sit for the exam with utmost confidence. In essence, despite the three hours study

sessions, I find that am far behind my studies and by the time of the exam date, I will not have

completed studying the necessary material. As such, I plan to include the weekends in my study

program. Nonetheless, because I carry out most of my tasks during this time, I will minimize the

study time to four hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday. On Saturday, I will have two

two-hour sessions without a break within the sessions and on Sunday; I will have the three-hour

session at a go with a ten minutes break within the hours. Besides, I will purchase some relevant

study videos to assist me in timely completion of the studies.

Conclusively, my intended certification plan seems to be on course regardless of the

limited time left. In regards to the limited time, I plan to include weekend studies in my study

plan besides purchasing some relevant study videos. This will be increasingly helpful in ensuring

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