Background: This assignment focuses on data analysis using the tally() function. You must be able to analyze data before you try to present data through visualizations.


  • Use RStudio and R Markdown to generate a Word document with the R commands and answers to all of the data analysis questions listed below.
  • Follow the formatting requirements identified in the Install R Markdown video in Week 2.
  • Follow the data analysis instructions provided in the videos this week.
  • Use the appropriate dataset for each question. All required datasets are available on Blackboard at the bottom of this week.
  • Use the tally() function to produce the correct answer for each of the questions listed below.
  • Carefully choose the correct field operators and logical operators when writing the tally() function.
  • In your final Word document, circle the correct answer for each question when the results of the tally() function create a table rather than a single answer. Failure to circle the correct answer will result in zero points for that question.

Questions: Each question is worth 2 points

  1. What percentage of females purchased a 2nd class ticket in the dataset? (dataset_survival_of_passengers_on_the_titanic.csv)
  2. What percentage of males purchased a 1st class ticket and survived in the dataset? (dataset_survival_of_passengers_on_the_titanic.csv)
  3. What percentage of males purchased a 2nd class or 3rd class ticket in the dataset?  (dataset_survival_of_passengers_on_the_titanic.csv)
  4. What percentage of males paid for meals under $17.50 are in the dataset? (dataset_tipping_data.csv)
  5. What percentage of males paid for meals on Saturday that was over $17.50 are in the dataset? (dataset_tipping_data.csv)
  6. What proportion of males and females never smoked in the dataset? (dataset_student_survey_data.csv)
  7. What proportion of females do not exercise and do smoke in the dataset? (dataset_student_survey_data.csv)
  8. What proportion of males and females never smoked and exercise frequently in the dataset? (dataset_student_survey_data.csv)
  9. What percentage of petal length are greater than and equal to 4.5? (dataset_edgar_anderson_iris_data.csv)
  10. What proportion of species have petal widths greater than 1.0 in the dataset?  (dataset_edgar_anderson_iris_data.csv)

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